A Little History



A Little History
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A Little History

Many years ago I was having a Trike made by Desperate Dan in Great Yarmouth, but as life isn't always fair and a bitch at times, things never happened and I ended up making a V8 Trike of my own. Since then I have been asked where can I get, buy, and make numerous items which are on my Trike, from the Leading Link Forks, to the shortened Jag Axle

So I decided to start a part time business making items to order, my customers have asked, begged, nagged and even threatened!! me .....why don't you set up a Web Site and show the things you make?

So here it is, not the best but its a start. "please give us a few weeks to add the photo's of the parts we make as time is short and the weather is getting better."


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Want to contribute some tips or an idea of your own? I'd like to hear from you, if you have anything which might help Trike builders or might help us to make this web site a better place,  please send them right over......


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