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How We Started

Before we started to make the forks, we sat down with the engineers to see how we could jig the making of the forks, so they would always be exactly the same, as a standard set here are used for the V8 Trikes we build.
The forks are made using 3 different jigs, which will only allow exact duplication, otherwise the fabrication will not fit on to the jig for welding, the parts of each individual fork are tig welded for strength, by an experienced welder, after the item is completed it must then be checked by a craft man before the item can be used..

Here is a view of the forks from the side, see how the shock absorbers and springs are parallel to the forks, allowing  travel without resistance to the fork member.

fork_suspension.jpg (9368 bytes)SideForks1.jpg (10936 bytes)LinkForks1.jpg (7779 bytes)SideForks.jpg (7794 bytes)

Here at threewheelsmad, we only use brand new components, when we manufacture these leading link forks.  Looking at the front view you can see we always use brand new shock absorbers and springs

Note the distance between the axle shaft and the pivot  shaft on the bottom arm, this distance is critical to give smooth braking and deter steering wobble when hard braking



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